Bais Medrash

The Albert Stein Bais Medrash Program at FTI seeks to produce B’nai Torah distinguished as Lamdonim and Ba’alei Mussar, dedicated to lifelong Limud HaTorah, Shlaimos Hamiddos and Achrayis to Klal Yisroel.


Rabbi Max, along with Rabbi Chaim Tropper, following the directive of Hagoan Harav Henoch Leibowitz, ZT’L, founded the Yeshiva in 2000 with the dream of eventually growing to include a bais medrash program. That dream has now been realized with the opening of the Albert Stein Bais Medrash Program under the direction of Rabbi Shimon Max. Inspiring shmuzin, mussar vaadim, in-shabbosos, sports, and catered meals, are all key elements of the Bais Medrash Program and exemplify FTI’s derech of inculcating Torah learning into one’s life with joy.


is characterized by the amount of time spent and the effort exerted by members of the program; morning through evening, talmidim are amal ba’Torah. Composed of a core group of FTI’s own seniors serious about their Torah studies, the yeshiva is proud to guide the bais medrash bochurim in applying the skills learned and developed during their mesivta years. This process continues as they steadily progress to ever higher levels of learning on their journey to becoming true talmidei chachamim.


of FTI’s Bais Medrash Program is felt throughout the yeshiva. The addition of older students to the FTI campus provides the opportunity for mentoring and meaningful friendships to develop. Fellowship students from Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY, fondly known as “Branch Guys” add yet another important dimension to the overall s’viva. This revolving, eight-week program brings four older bochurim into the Yeshiva on a continual basis. They learn with students, develop friendships, give chizuk, and inspire achievement in bochurim young and old.

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  • FTI has become an important part of the fabric of our community, providing intensive Torah study and growth opportunities for their students, as well as inspiration and outreach to the Jewish community at large.
    Rabbi Ephraim Epstein, Rav of Congregation Sons of Israel,
  • It’s amazing to see the geshmak and joy that the talmidim experience while learning with Rabbi Juni.
    Rabbi Mordechai Terebelo, Rav of Ahavas Torah and Menahel of Politz Hebrew Academy,
  • I find it remarkable that even as the Yeshiva has experienced considerable growth, it is still able to maintain the same care and concern for each and every talmid.
    Rabbi Akiva Grunblatt, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim,
  • FTI: A Yeshiva where students not only learn the Torah, they learn to live the Torah.
    Mrs. Besie Katz, Principal of Politz Hebrew Academy,
  • This has so far been an amazing year for Baruch. He is learning a tremendous amount from his Rebbi and has a great deal of respect for his secular teachers. He is always excited to get up for school in the morning.
    David and Sharyn Chase, Parents of Baruch, 9th Grade,
  • Based on my close relationship with RABBI DAVIDOWITZ and RABBI JUNI, dating back to our days in Yeshiva together, I have developed such respect and confidence in them, that I would fully trust them with my own children’s chinuch.
    Yaakov Shwekey, Friend and Supporter of FTI,
  • The yeshiva has the unique ability to cater to the yachid, carefully focusing on the individual talents of every talmid.
    Sam Meyers, “Branch Guy",