Rabbi Moshe Strassfeld – 11th Grade Iyun

Rabbi Moshe Strassfeld
Gemara, Halacha & Chumash
Rabbi Moshe Strassfeld joined our staff this year, after spending many years immersed in Torah study as a member of the Kollel in Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim in Queens, NY. During his decade of study in Queens, Rabbi Strassfeld had the opportunity to become a close talmid of the Roshei HaYeshiva, HaRav Dovid Harris shlit”a and HaRav Akiva Grunblatt shlit”a, as well as many other Rebbeim in the yeshiva’s leadership. In particular, Rabbi Strassfeld served as secretary to Rabbi Mordecai Tropper zt”l, legendary mashgiach of the Yeshiva, where
he was afforded an insider’s view into his wisdom and his devotion to the talmidei hayeshiva.
Rabbi Strassfeld is particularly excited to join FTI because of his deep esteem for the rebbeim and the FTI environment. He believes deeply in FTI’s mission of creating an atmosphere where talmidim can grow into bnei torah of the highest caliber, while working with each individual talmid on his level. SincejoiningFTI,Hehasbeeninspiredbytheselflessmesirasnefesh,love and personal responsibility that the rebbeim feel toward the talmidim. Rabbi Strassfeld currently resides in Cherry Hill with his wife, Sara (nee Halpern), and their family.

Rabbi Hirsh Hollander – Dorm Mashgiach & Bais Medrash Shoel U’Meshiv

Rabbi Hirsh Hollander
Boarding Student Mashgiach & Bais Medrash Behelfer
Rabbi Hirsch Hollander, FTI’s new dorm Mashgiach, comes to FTi after teaching kodesh subjects in Ottawa Torah Institute, the local yeshiva high school. Rabbi Hirsch Hollander is a graduate of Rabbinical Seminary of America in Queens NY, where he was ordained with Semicha in 2016. Rabbi Hollander has taught teens and adults in many settings including teaching at Mayan Hatorah, a Chofetz Chaim affiliate in Kew Gardens.
He loves FTI specifically because of its warmth and its focus on each student’s needs. He is excited about helping the students become bnei torah and internalize a love of Judaism. Rabbi Hollander grew up in San Diego, CA, where both of his parents still teach in the day school. He grew up in a house of chinuch and has always been involved with teaching. Rabbi Hollander lives in Cherry Hill with his wife and their children.

Rabbi Shimon Max – Rosh Bais Medrash

Rabbi Shimon Max has a wealth of Yeshiva experience including serving as Rosh HaYeshiva and Rebbe for well over a decade. Prior to his teaching experience, Rabbi Max served as an Assistant Rabbi in Havurat Yisrael, a large synagogue in Forest Hills, New York, where he conducted a popular Beginners’ Service every Shabbos and Yom Tov for about five years. To this day, many of his Baal Habatim remain in close contact with him, as well as help support the Yeshiva he founded in Cherry Hill.

Rabbi Max has followed the directive of our Rebbe, Hagoan Harav Henoch Leibowitz, ZT’L to assume a position of Rosh HaYeshiva, in order to maximize his talents in serving Klal Yisroel. Rabbi Max’s charisma and warmth has enlightened many over the years, and he continues to inspire his students today to the beauty and depth of Torah. Rabbi Max has been privileged to serve as an assistant rebbe in the shiurim of such great Torah luminaries such as The Rosh HaYeshiva, Hagoan Harav Henoch Leibowitz, ZT’L, as well as Hagoan Harav Shmuel Niman, Shlita.

Rabbi Max has taught advanced high school and Beis Medrash gemara shiurim, both in our parent Yeshiva, Yeshiva Chofetz Chaim of Queens, and in Foxman Torah Institute to virtually every grade and level. He is the head of the Stein Bais Medrash program for FTI and gives shiur to the Bais Medrash. Rabbi Max resides in Cherry Hill with his wife and children. Over the years, countless students have enjoyed the hospitality and care of the Max family as well as the delicious cooking of his Rebbitzen.

Rabbi Yisrael Davidowitz – Head of School

Rabbi Yisrael Davidowitz grew up in Rochester, New York, where his father founded and is currently the Rosh Hayeshiva of a Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva High School, Beis Medrash and Kollel. He studied there until he married, then moved to Queens to join the Chofetz Chaim kollel to advance his studies .

Rabbi Davidowitz thoroughly enjoys teaching Torah and, over the years, has taught at many levels, including Yeshiva high school and Beis Medrash boys, baal habatim, and kiruv rechokim. He founded the Brooklyn Branch of TBT and The Shmuz in 2005 and led it for the first few years of its existence, delivering classes and running programs that drew over one hundred people at times.

In 2007, he spent time in Israel training to become a mohel and has since built a successful practice in NYC and now in the Greater Philadelphia area. Learn more on his website After receiving Semicha in 2008, he focused his efforts on non-profit alternative fundraising models to benefit Yeshivos. He founded a successful organization and has been a featured speaker at Jewish Professional conventions and other venues on the topic of revenue generation concepts and models for non-profits.

He brings his unique experience and professionalism to FTI to run administrative and fiscal operations at the school, with a strong focus on development. At FTI he puts his skills to work, as well as doing what he loves most; teaching Torah and helping people come closer to Hashem. Rabbi Davidowitz currently lives in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, with his wife Yael (nee Rosin) and their four sons.