Residential Life Program

An integral part of a healthy, well-rounded Yeshiva education is extracurricular activity that promotes camaraderie, teamwork, physical fitness, and the time-tested therapeutic method of having good clean fun. FTI’s dynamic schedule incorporates intense sports, music, swimming, and use of the JCC, among many other kosher outlets. Numerous other highly popular activities include in-town and out of-town shabbatons, Rosh Chodesh parties, visits to gedolim, and skiing and camping trips. Our basketball court and football field are favorite go-to spots for students to unwind, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors.

For our out-of-town students, FTI’s Residential Life Program gives students a home-away-from-home while in Yeshiva. We often refer to ourselves as a “hybrid” Yeshiva, because from Sunday through Friday the bachurim eat, sleep, learn, and play under the supervision of our extremely warm and talented Dorm Mashgiach Rabbi Yitzchok Shmidman. Come Friday, we provide transportation for the bachurim to go home and reconnect with their parents and families and rejuvenate for a new week in Yeshiva.

Having a well-planned and well-balanced schedule is critically important to ensure the maximum growth of our talmidim. Night Sedorim with Bais Medrash chavrusas, coupled with nightly trips and activities keep our talmidim busy and productive all hours of the day. Boys also develop maturity and a sense of responsibility by being away from home and learning to take care of themselves.

In addition, FTI offers three hot meals a day prepared onsite by our own Chef Rand. Sleeping accommodations for our boarding students are available in dedicated areas of Rebbeim’s homes.


  • Night Seder each night with Bais Medrash chavrusas
  • JCC twice a week (basketball, swimming, ping pong, and more)
  • Thursday night cholent followed by Hashkafa Vaad
  • Round-trip transportation home provided to multiple locations
  • Sports (Basketball, Football, Ultimate Frisbee)
  • Weekly shopping trips
  • In-Shabbasos, Shabbatons
  • Sunday Trips – Parkour Training, MMA, Bowling, Funplex, Driving Range
  • Pool-side barbecues, birthday parties, and other fun activities


Students in the residential program are an active part of our local Cherry Hill Jewish community and are often invited to members of the community for Shabbos meals and to enjoy a game of pick-up basketball.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about boarding here at FTI.